Formerly updated at http://www.amycolon.blogspot.com , you have just discovered my new blog.  I lost inspiration for blogging for a while and this is my newest attempt at getting my creative juices flowing once again.  If you followed me in the past you know that I spent a lot of time writing.  I love creative writing.  But unfortunately, this time in life does not allow for it as often as I would like.  So, this is instead going to be a “no guilt” blog.  Yes, I may find inspiration on a cold Colorado evening as I sit back with a cup of coffee and actually journal for you what is happening as life is moving.  But more days than not, you are going to discover a quick snapshot here and there as I chronicle to the best of my ability this crazy story called life.  So enjoy as you read about FAMILY, LIFESTYLE, HEALTH, BOOKS and SABBATH as we do it in the Colon family.  Imagine yourself lying back in the “tall green grass” discovering and savoring the joys of life with us.


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  1. Nancy says:

    Anything you write, and wherever you print it is always a blessing to me. I check all of your sources several times a day. Love to keep up with you, makes the distance not quite so far.

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