Pinterest Inspired #3 – Major project

One of my friends told me about this fantastic product.  Of course, I was hesitant.  Taking on this transformation made me super nervous because if I screwed up my bathroom cabinets it would be a huge time and financial undertaking to “fix.”  Still, I bought the kit about a month ago ($75) and just let it sit in my garage. . .until one day a few weeks ago inspiration and bravery hit me all at the same time.  I’m so glad it did!

Now I have 3 completely transformed bathrooms. . .for $75!!!

Only the girls’ bathroom is 95% complete with new paint and curtain (still needs a new door knob and light bulbs), but the other 2 will soon follow suit on the next day that inspiration hits.

All bathrooms started with a lovely 1980’s pine.

And 3 easy steps later we now have 3 updated sets of bathroom cabinets!

Here’s the girls’ bathroom

I’ll add more later.

Not bad, eh?


Pinterest Inspired #2 – The Perfect Morning Coffee Table

I typically wake up when the rest of the house is sound asleep. . .and this is my “spot.”  It’s here that I have my morning cup of coffee and read my Bible before the day gets started.  But if you can tell, this chair is kinda low to the ground.  No table I have been able to find has ever been just right.  And my morning cuppa joe never has had quite the right place to rest. . . until today.

You know how yesterday I told you about my Goodwill addiction?  Well, it paid off yet again.  A 98 cent can of black spray paint, a black metal tray, a bown metal plant stand that I painted, Mod Podge, a piece of scrapbook paper and some glue. . .and voila!

$4.00 and a day later. . .I now have the perfect morning coffee table!

Pinterest Inspired

How many of you are addicted to  I am!  Pinterest has become my version of therapy these days.  I can go there and escape for hours…much like my husband can escape to computer game world.  I do have to brag that my escape is a bit more productive in the end, though.  I love the DIY section.  The projects match up beautifully with my Goodwill addiction (o yes, yet another I haven’t told you about).  Most of the projects are about reusing things that you already have at home or discover in Goodwill or yard sale quality and then restore.  Anyway, I actually have quite a few completed projects to share with you.  I’ll start with the first one I finished about 2 weeks ago.  As life has been much more intense than usual lately, it very well could be that Pinterest can be credited for my sanity in the middle of a very hard and trying season of life.  So. . . thank God for Pinterest?  HA!!

$1.00 tray from Michael’s clearance, 2 pieces of scrapbook paper, one foam paintbrush,

Mod Podge, wooden letter “C”