Who Wouldn’t Love It Here??


Scenes from last week’s Sabbath


Just Between Us

The world of blogging keeps opening so many doors for me to share our family and faith.  What started as simply an accountability tool to keep me committed to following through with a goal has turned into a platform for sharing so many of life’s ups and downs, struggles and beauty with friends all over the place.  In particular, the sharing of our family’s journey into Sabbath has been a topic that so many people make comments to me about often.  And come to find out, there’s a lot more people interested than I ever imagined.

I came home from Vietnam to a ginormous pile of mail.  Mostly bills and junk. . .unfortunately, no Publishers Clearing House checks. . .but a fun parcel all the same.

I’m not sure if this magazine is on the shelf in your local Christian bookstore yet, but when and if you see it. . .check out page 6.  You’ll see an article from me!  I was asked, “how do you build Sabbath rest into your life?” and shared the page with Chaundel Holladay as we both told of our personal Sabbath routines and experiences.

Pretty cool, huh?

I’ve written for 2 other books about church planting in the past, but since you know how much I love magazines, I’m sure you won’t be surprised when I say that this one was my favorite.

Sabbath. . .I hope God is bugging you about it like crazy!  😉

Sunday Special Edition – Things I Love (27)


Okay, okay, the truth is I don’t actually love this at all.

It’s quite a shame to be so good at something that you don’t love.

But truth be told, if you know me well at all you probably have heard me say at one time or another how proficient I am at “procrastinating”. . . as if he and I were in a great love affair.

So, just for today I thought I would embrace procrastination instead. . .let go of the guilt. . .confess a bit AND tell you about the Part 2 of last week’s Sabbath that I have obviously procrastinated writing all week

For starters. . .What is Amy procrastinating about right now?

*clean out my van

*cleaning the garage

*cleaning the basement closet

(my Dad is laughing right now, I just know it)

*writing a thank you note

*cleaning out mine and Kevin’s closet

*changing the girls clothes closets from summer to winter

*calling the dentist

*calling the doctor for meds I need to take with me to Vietnam

*cleaning out the frig

(wow, i didn’t realize I had so much work to do!)

*working out (what I should be doing instead of writing this blog)

Whew. . .I feel better. . .wanna come over and clean with me?  It looks like I could keep us all busy for quite a few days.

NOW. . .onto Sabbath Part 2 from this last week. . .

Monday after the circus was a slow and easy day.  We needed it so, so badly.  And it was great.

Three things stood out to me the most about how we spent the day.

1.  We physically rested

2.  I read like half of a book to Kevin as we sat outside at the park with the girls playing on the playground.  It kinda sounds weird, but it really was fun and the discussion was life giving.

3.  We sent the girls off to read their Bibles together (James 4) and then come back and teach us what they learned.  I’m amazed at what super insightful little girls we have.  The we sent them off again to pray together as they walked over to the playground to play.  I totally expected them to take off as fast as they could, saying a few token words to God as they jetted for the monkey bars.  But no, they actually took the LONG way as they walked together and prayed.  Now that was something beautiful to watch.  I’m glad I had a camera.

Another day noticing God all around.  It was just what we needed. . .always is.

What book were Kevin and I reading?  Kevin’s friend, Hugh Halter, just came out with a new book that is blowing us away.  It’s not because the topic is so unheard of – at least not to us.  It’s mostly so great because Kevin and I can relate to it so well at this time in our lives and in the life of Cool River.  It’s as if it’s our story…the story we are right in the middle of living…challenging, radical, must read!!!!!!  But beware. . .you’ll never be able to look at church the same way again!

Hugh’s Blog

Check it out!

Sabbath in 2 Parts. . .Part 1, The Greatest Show on Earth

Thanks to the Broomfield library reading program, the girls read their 5 books and got free vouchers to the Ringling Brothers Barnum and Bailey Circus that is in town this week.  So, of course, this is where we started Sabbath.  So much fun!!!

Here are a few short videos of the excitement. . .


Video 1

Video 2

Video 3

Video 4

What’s your favorite act in the circus?

Part 2 tomorrow!


Fist Pump Needed

Welcome Sabbath!. . .again

Sunday evening is typically when we choose to start our family Sabbath time.  Last Sunday we spent it with our friends, Chuck, Grace and Dylan, loving on them and enjoying their friendship.  This week I think we just needed to feel loved on ourselves.  So we loaded up the girls and took them to Boulder to worship with our friends at Origins Church.

It’s been a really draining couple of weeks.  Church and school and physically it has been more intense than usual.  God has been so very faithful.  But by Sunday afternoon I was done.  Everything in me wanted nothing more than to pull the covers over my head and just sleep away the rest of the day.  But somehow I knew that we were supposed to be at Origins.  Somehow I think Kevin and I both knew that remaining in this house was a bad idea.  And so we drug everyone out the door and went.

It was a gathering of fellow believers…beautiful worship…teaching that struck so many cords in our hearts…opportunity to just sit back and take it all in…fuel.

On the way home Kevin asked me what I thought of the evening.  Typically that means something like, “what did God say to you tonight?”  And then the conversation goes from there.

I had some kind of overly spiritual answer that I don’t even remember now.

But do you know what I DO remember?

I remember walking into the church before the gathering began and immediately, almost as if we were rock stars, first Aaron raised his hands and cheered, then Ramin, followed by hugs and smiles from Natalie and Shauna.  All we did was just walk into  the building – a church that we don’t even belong to – and we were cheered.  It mattered that we were there.  People who didn’t have to. . .they cheered.

And now looking back on it, this is what God said to my heart Sunday night. . .”you deserve to be cheered!”

It hasn’t felt incredibly cheery lately.

As a matter of fact, as early as on the way home, I started having a neck ache due to probably working out too hard, that actually put me flat on my back for the remainder of Sabbath.

Kevin took the girl for a hike on Monday and you are going to be amazed at the pictures!  LOOK HERE

I forced myself to rest. . .with a trip to the chiropractor and an ice pack. . .again, not so cheery. (better now)

But it doesn’t matter.

In the end, I think God gave us all exactly what we really needed once again as we were faithful to honor a time set aside with him.

Kevin and the girls needed nature and beauty to find fuel.

I needed the encouragement of a fist pump and hug Sunday night and a day alone, forced to just stop and rest.

God is always faithful.  It just rarely looks like I would imagine.


Slow and Simple Sabbath

Our family experiences Sabbath the very best when we leave the house early in the day and enter into Creation without any specific plans or expectations.

So. . .today, that is exactly what we did.  And the day looked a little bit like this. . .

Sleep in

Breakfast at our favorite local breakfast/coffee/wine place, Bean and Berry.

Estes Park

Teaching Emma, Claire and Olivia how to skip rocks  (See video)

Elk watching

Lunch downtown Estes(elk burger for me)

Drive down the mountain (nap for me)

James 2 with the Kevin and the girls at Purple Park in Superior

Watch finals of the US Open

Currently watching a not so great Broncos game 😦

Together. . . .

How do you best connect with God?

Sabbath Rest – Good For The Soul

Not too many pictures to show from this past Monday’s Sabbath.  Why?  Well, pretty much all we did was hang out in our pajamas and rest.  After a super long weekend for everyone (my “Spring Cleaning” Extravaganza and Kevin taking the girls with him up in the mountains to Buena Vista), we were all ready for a good mental, physical and emotional break.  So what did we do?  We just huddled and cuddled together as family, watching Soul Surfer, making a treat for the girls at the Heritage House and ending the day with Chinese food and a trip to the soon-to-be-no-more, Borders.   I LOVE my family!!!!!

And BTW, Soul Surfer is a really great family movie!!!. . .Incredible “God conversation” starter with your kids.

Have you allowed yourself a good rest lately??